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Hotels &

Vacation rentals

Wonder Guide helps hotels, hostels, resorts and vacation rentals delight their guests by providing useful information in and around their accommodation

  • Guest satisfaction - your guests will appreciate your local advice and will reward you with positive reviews and recommendations.

  • Time savings - since your guidebook will cover most of your guests' common questions, your staff will have more time to focus on other important tasks

  • Close contact - with powerful chat options, your guidebook will allow you to keep in touch with your guests before, during and after their stay.

Travel Agents

Wonder Guide helps travel agents delight their customers by providing useful information before and during their trip

  • Personal touch - differentiate yourself by giving your clients authentic advice that will make their trip memorable, exactly when they need it.

  • Incremental revenue - earn additional commissions by letting travelers book tours and activities directly from your guidebook. 

  • Journey Optimization - optimize your customers'  travel journey by sending inspiring and useful content at each step of the trip.

How it works

Wonder Guide is a professional travel guidebook with comprehensive content, cutting edge user experience tailored for travelers on the go and powerful monetization like 'skip the line' booking options. 


But in a world with endless content online we believe that travel advice should be delivered by... you! Real travel professionals who travelers trust. That's why Wonder Guide lets you customize any destination guidebook in minutes.

Customize your guidebook in 3 ways:

1. Content - highlight the places that you personally recommend, add tips, images and anything else your travelers would like to see. Our guidebooks come pre-filled with comprehensive content in any destination and we can automatically import recommended places from your site, making this a fast and simple process.

2. Branding - add your name and image and tell your guidebook readers a little about yourself and why you’re an expert on that destination. 

3. Monetization - while Wonder Guide comes with subtle monetization options that work for you, you can add other services or products that you would like to sell to your guidebook's users. 


Once your guidebook is ready you can distribute it to your followers by placing a link on your site, posting it on social media or sending it directly to them. Wonder Guide let's you reach your users when they're at the destination and not just at the planning stage so this is your chance to engage and monetize them when they're most in need of your advice. 

Wonder Guide's mobile first guidebook allows you to engage travelers with your recommendations and advice when they're at the destination!

growth engine

Wonder Guide helps travel professionals engage and monetize their clients effectively. 

Content writers can grow revenue by engaging travelers with useful content & activity booking options when they're at the destination.


Vacation rental hosts can increase guest satisfaction and reduce support time by providing useful information about their house and surroundings.  

truly mobile

Our guidebooks are optimized for travelers on the go. Your content is instantly accessible via a fast loading, intuitive mobile interface. Places can be viewed on a map, saved to "Favorites" and easily shared with friends.

Wonder Guide empowers your travel content with all the benefits of a fully featured, professional guidebook like TripAdvisor.

Entirely yours

Creating a guidebook with Wonder Guide is easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can upload content manually, migrate it from an existing guidebook or import it from our database of top attractions, restaurants, shops etc. 

Your guidebook can be hosted on our domain or on ours, and is designed to improve your Google ranking.

Our Wonder Guide guidebook looks awesome, I think it’s super helpful to both host and guests, and would love this to become a standard in the industry.

Juan & Bob, airbnbears.com


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